Choosing a ring - What you need to know!

Whether you are picking a proposal ring, an engagement ring, your wedding bands or the finishing piece to you beautiful outfit, choosing a ring is an important thing.

When it comes to rings, there is a lot of terminologies.  What does it all mean?  Whether you know your marquise cut from your princess cut or not, here is our easy guide to Choosing your Ring

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What you need to know.

What Is Colour?

A diamond's colour is graded on a scale from D (colourless) to Z (light yellow), with D being the most sought-after. The exception to this rule is for diamonds that possess a very rare or unusual colour - like green or red. More common coloured diamond options include blue, yellow and pink.

classic brilliant solitaire ring Classic Brilliant Solitaire Ring

What Is Cut?

The cut of a diamond doesn't actually refer to its shape, but to the way that the stone is cut in order to increase its sparkle, whether deep in shape or more shallow. A well-cut diamond should have a bright shine, and should reflect light easily internally and externally. 

Pear Brilliant Solitaire Ring Pear Cut Solitaire Ring

What Is Clarity?

Clarity refers to how many inclusions, or tiny imperfections, a stone contains. Only visible under a magnifying glass, these small specks feature in almost every diamond and are formed when the diamond is crystallised under the earth’s crust.

Marquise Brilliant Solitaire Ring Classic Marquise Solitaire Ring

What Is Carat?

The carat is the weight of your chosen stone or stones, and is one way to measure the value of the ring you choose. Generally the higher the carat of a single stone, the more it will cost and the bigger it will look, although a diamond with a shallower cut can appear larger than a deeper-cut stone that may actually weigh more.

Heart shaped brilliant solitaire ring Classic Heart Solitaire Ring

Shape - Solitaire

A diamond or other gemstone set alone in a ring.


Round Brilliant Cut Solitaire Ring Classic Brilliant Solitaire Ring

Shape - Multi-Stone

Several larger stones, or one large central stone and two smaller side stones, placed side by side in a simple setting. Often two stone types are mixed, such as an emerald with two diamonds, or two sapphires with a central diamond.

Emerald Cut trilogy ring Tilly Ring

Shape - Cluster

Several stones arranged together in a ring, which can comprise any shape - from flowers and stars to more geometric vintage-inspired shapes.

Claw Cluster Ring Marquise Cluster Ring

Claw Setting

The term used to describe a setting composed of prongs, which hold a stone in place.

engagement ring like the Princess Royal Brilliant Trilogy Sapphire Ring

Tension Setting

Modern placement of stones that allows a stone to seemingly float between two pieces of metal.

Solitaire tension ring Dita Ring


Bezel Setting

The stone is held in place by a rim of metal all or part of the way around the stone.


Round Brilliant in a bezel setting solitaire ring Bezel Solitaire Ring


Channel Setting

Popular for modern wedding bands, the stones lie together with no metal between them encased in two lines of metal.

meghan markles wedding band Channel Set Eternity Ring


Gypsy Setting

Stones are set flush with the metal of the ring, completely encased. Often used for men's rings and on vintage-inspired wedding bands.

Gypsy set band ring with round brilliants Galaxy Gold Ring


Marquise Cut

A long oval with pointed ends.

Marquise with baguette shoulders ring Brigitte Marquise Ring


Cushion Cut

A soft rectangle, the cushion cut has a full, pillow shape with softly rounded edges.


Cushion cut sapphire blue ring with halo Mia Sapphire Ring


Emerald Cut

This long rectangular shaped stone has long cuts beneath, which are visible through the stone, and rounded-off edges.

Emerald cut diamond white gem with baguette shoulders Brigitte Emerald Ring


Asscher Cut

A square-cut stone with the same long cuts as the emerald shape.

engagement ring like Meghan Markle Ayla Asscher Ring


Round Cut

The round brilliant cut is cone-shaped to allow for the highest possible number of facets for the maximum sparkle.

classic round brilliant solitaire ring Classic Brilliant Solitaire Ring


Princess Cut

A many-faceted brilliant cut, with immense sparkle, with an overall square shape.

Princess cut solitaire ring Classic Princess Solitaire Ring


Heart Cut

Exactly as it sounds, a solitaire in the shape of the classic symbol of love.

Heart cut brilliant gem on a solitaire ring Classic Heart Solitaire



Pear Cut

Sometimes called a teardrop cut, this diamond is generally worn with the point facing away from the wearer.

Pear cut brilliant with a halo of round brilliant gems Halo Pear Ring


Oval Cut

Can be very long and slender, or slightly wider.


What is a Halo Engagement Ring Olivia Aqua Ring

Glossary - Facet

A facet is one of the flat polished surfaces of the finished gemstone. Generally, the more facets a stone possesses, the more sparkly a stone will be.

engagement ring like Zara Philips Zara Ring

Glossary - Shoulders

The sides of the band that sit immediately to either side of the central stone or cluster.

An engagement ring like Princess of Monaco Pear Fabulous Ring


Glossary - Pavé or Micropavé

Small - or, in the case of micropavé, very small - stones set in rows over the surface of the metal of a ring.

Pave set round brilliants in a band ring Chrissy Wide Pave Band

Glossary - Halo

This refers to an outline of smaller diamonds surrounding a larger central stone.

Round brilliant with a halo of round gems in a ring Halo Round Ring

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