Brilliant Inc

  • Fabric Magazine

    Fabric Magazine
    May 2012 Issue

    "Their simulated diamonds are of unsurpassed quality, ethical and perfect for when your diamonds are safer locked away"

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  • The London Evening Standard

    The London Evening Standard
    24th October 2011

    A growing number of London women are following Beyonce by wearing replica jewellery.


  • The Daily Mail

    The Daily Mail
    13th February 2012

    The jewels are flawless, strong enough to cut through glass - and much cheaper than the real deal.


  • The Daily Mail Online

    The Daily Mail Online
    30th September 2011

    The Daily Mail website compares Brilliant's diamonds to Elizabeth Taylor's personal collection

  • The Daily Mail Online

    The Daily Mail Online
    18th October 2011

    The Daily Mail website talks to Brilliant about the craze for Kate Middleton style jewellery

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  • The Metro

    The Metro
    31st October 2011

    The Metro talks to Brilliant about the growing popularity of lab-made diamonds

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  • Where London Magazine

    Where London Magazine
    December 2011 Issue

    "lab-created diamonds that carry all the characteristics of the real thing"

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  • OK! Magazine Extra

    OK! Magazine Extra
    4th December 2011

    OK! Extra includes Brilliant's Blue Tennis bracelet in its must have Christmas gift guide


  • City A.M.

    City A.M.
    20th December 2011

    City AM reveals the growing popularity of lab made diamond jewellery amongst Londoners

  • Cosmopolitan Magazine Online

    Cosmopolitan Magazine Online
    9th May 2012

    “Who’d have thought you could afford the same jewellery as the Duchess?”

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